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Book Trailer for The 7th Judge

Don’t let your readers judge your book by a postage-stamp sized graphic on the website of your e-book retailer. Instead, allow them to be swept into your world with a captivating video that introduces them to your plot, genre, and conflict with a simple click on Youtube, Facebook, or embedded onto your website. If they […]


Spring Camp – Cub Scout Pack

Zoom Design Studios provides a lot of event photography for our local cub scout pack. When we do this kinds of event photography, the photos are 100% confidential and kept in a private gallery, to protect the privacy of the children in the group. Here are a few pictures of our own children from the […]

mechanicsburg family photos

Bekki’s Uniquely You Session




Elijah on a rare moment

Action Figures and Toilet Humor (How to Take a Great Picture of a 10 year old Boy)

Taking pictures of a boy can be a real challenge. Boys (and really any kids of a certain age) don’t like to have their picture taken. As soon as they spot you, they will make silly faces, either to thwart you on your mission to make them look good, or in a misguided attempt to […]

Harrisburg PA Photography

2013 Covers

Here is a selection of covers to celebrate the launch of the New Year – to use them as your Facebook covers, right click on the images and “Save image As” or “Save target as” then save the image to your desktop. Go to facebook, mouse over your cover photo and select the new image […]




Vacation Pictures From Pinchot Park

We had a very low tech vacation at Pinchot Park this year. We practically lived there all summer, but we had paid for a weekend when it was still winter and we knew we’d need a break. The weekend we’d chosen was the fourth of July weekend. Normally this is one of the busier weekends […]